About the Producers

   TVPro Inc. has been working inside the St. Louis Community since 1984. We are producing a documentary which raises awareness concerning disturbing issues in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois. To Our knowledge we are pioneering this type of project locally, perhaps nationally. We solicit opinions on solutions, especially as they relate to crime and the social benefits of education. Our goal is to reach the youth in Urban America with a positive message and give the African American Community a voice on what they feel is needed to be done in their city. In the process we are gathering grass root statistics about what is actually going on in the streets of St. Louis, and perhaps in other urban cities as well.

About the Documentary

   To answer the questions; Has slavery had a profound social and economical impact on the African American community today? Has slavery stripped away their ethnic heritage, and what impact has it had on the new sub-culture it replaced? To identify obstacles that de-rails social maturation inside this culture and to offer solutions to that end. To bring to the forefront the real issues in the streets of Saint Louis without political bias.

Some of the topics that will be discussed

  • Fathers missing in many households
  • No male role modeling
  • Burdon on mother to raise family
  • Conflict between light & darker skin African Americans
  • Gang violence
  • Distorted relationships between males & females
  • Fatherhood as a medal of honor, not a responsibility
  • No generation gap between mother and daughter
    • Wear the same clothing
    • Attend the same events and night clubs
    • Share the same influence of friends
    • No clear role modeling
  • Profiling and Imprisonment
  • Fast Money and Drugs
  • The Influence of Rap